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Race(s)Titanians (formerly known as Lanothians)
Notable charactersMentalla
Esper Lass
Saturn Girl
Saturn Queen
PublisherDC Comics

Titan is one of the moons of the planet Saturn. In the 30th and 31st centuries of the DC Comics Universe the moon is inhabited by a colony of telepaths.

Fictional history[edit]

It is the fictional home world of Saturn Girl, Imra Ardeen. She is one of the most powerful telepaths in the history of Titan. Post Zero-Hour, the super villain Universo was retconned to be from Titan as well.

As for the Legion of Super-Heroes different universes, each one exhibiting a different version of the Legion and their characters, three versions of Titan are shown in the current DC Multiverse. While the Earth-0 and the Earth-247 are largely similar, until Earth-247 was wiped out during the Zero Hour event, Earth-Prime Titan (who was implied to be part of the future of the Real Universe) is populated by mute telepaths, their vocal cords atrophied, and later eradicated by the evolutionary process, due to their disuse brought by their advanced form of telepathy.

In Earth-0, it is revealed that the Titanians were originally from the planet Lanoth. Lanoth was destroyed by Brainiac, who bottled a single city for study.[1] The bottle was recovered by Mon-El who was instructed to deliver the city to Saturn. Jemm, the sovereign of the planet Saturn was hesitant to allow a species of telepaths to settle there but decided to put his trust in Mon-El and allows them to settle on Titan. In gratitude the Lanothians rename themselves Titanians and agree to serve under the rule of Jemm.[2] According to Saturn Queen, other humanoid colonists settled on Titan with the Lanothians/Titanians at some point before the 31st century, and Saturn Queen herself is descended from these colonists.[3]

While Earth-Prime Titan is not a xenophobic world itself like Daxam and Rokyn, many Titanians, especially the younger ones like Imra Ardeen and Jeyra Entinn, exhibit a strong sense of inadequacy when confronted, on daily basis, with speaking people.[4][5]

After the conflict with Superboy-Prime, the Time Institute relocated to Titan. One of their scientists used their time viewer to witness the birth of the universe, something that is strictly taboo. The shockwaves of this event caused all of Titan to implode on itself.


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