Titan Girl

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Titan Girl
Titan Girl of the 853rd century
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Titan Girl of 853rd Century
Legionaires # 1,000,000 (November, 1998)
Jeyra Entinn
Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #19 (August, 2006)
Created by Titan Girl of 853rd Century
Tom Peyer
Sean Phillips
Jeyra Entinn
Mark Waid
Barry Kitson
In-story information
Alter ego Unknown
Jeyra Entinn
Place of origin Titan, Saturn
Team affiliations Titan Girl of 853rd Century
Justice Legion L
Jeyra Entinn
Abilities Titan Girl of 853rd Century
Jeyra Entinn

Titan Girl is a name associated with two characters who have appeared in the Legion of Superheroes. They both have been telepaths from the moon of Saturn, Titan.

Titangirl of the 853rd century[edit]

The first person to go by the alias of Titangirl was a psionic projection created by the sleeping inhabitants of Titan, which by the 853rd century have become a nursing home for telepaths. There, telepaths are hooked into a sophisticated psychic network which creates the appearance of heaven. Titangirl herself is the manifestation of the Titanian people. While appearing to be a heroic member of the Justice Legion L (one of twenty-six different Justice Legion teams, specifically patterned after the 31st Century's Legion of Super-Heroes), Titangirl actually uses her telepathic and telekinetic powers to sabotage attempts to re-unite the United Planets as it makes its slow progress toward Earth. It is revealed that the people of Titan have built an engine to propel their moon further out into space and separate from the other U.P. worlds. Titangirl, as a manifestation of the collective will of Titanian society, was carrying out the plans of her people. When the people of Titan awaken from their slumber, they are disconnected from the telepathic network and Titangirl ceases to exist.

Jeyra Entinn[edit]

Jeyra Entinn as Titan Girl

A new Titan Girl appears in the pages of Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes. Jeyra Entinn is a woman from Titan, where the people have, over the centuries, lost the use of vocal cords due to only communicating telepathically. It was later revealed that she is a member of the Wanderers, a covert mercenary team of metahumans created by the Earthgov. The Wanderers have worked together with the Legion of Super-Heroes to battle the Dominators. When the public got to know that the planet Dominion had been blown up on the demand of Cosmic Boy (although the truth was that it was sent to the Phantom Zone), Brainiac 5 manipulated data from Vrax Gozzl so that they would suggest that it was Mekt Ranzz's idea to implode the Dominator homeworld, and that Jeyra then planted the thought in Cosmic Boy's mind. When Mekt Ranzz was arrested, Jeyra and the other Wanderers disappeared.