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Titan Magazines
IndustryPublishing, magazines, comic books
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Key people
Nick Landau
Vivian Cheung
Ricky Claydon
John Dziewiatkowski
ProductsMagazines, comic books, graphic novels

Titan Magazines is the magazine-publishing division of Titan Publishing Group. Titan Magazines' publishing directors are Ricky Claydon and John Dziewiatkowski.


Titan Magazines launched in 1995 with Star Trek Magazine with John Freeman as first editor, although it had previously published several one shot film tie-in titles. Since then it has published many film, TV and comics titles, including poster magazines for Tim Burton's Batman.

Some of Titan's magazines are published in the US, although not all, some with an entirely separate magazine.

In April 2016, Bleeding Cool published a blog/vlog entry pertaining to concerns over Titan's UK reprints of DC titles, specifically cancellations and a lack of updates and communication with readers, as well as addressing the frequent inconsistencies regarding the publication dates of future issues.[1] Despite numerous complaints, some of Titan's DC titles continue to be plagued with errors. DC Universe #3.9 (featuring Justice League) appeared on shelves on 9 May 2018, with the next issue being erroneously advertised as coming out as early as 10 May 2018.

Titan ceased publication of all their DC Comics titles in December 2018, most notably ending a fifteen-year run for 'Batman Legends'.[2]


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