Titan Tower (Fisher Towers)

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Titan Tower
The Titan.jpg
The Titan, Fisher Towers, March 22, 2015
Highest point
Elevation 6,260 ft (1,908 m)  NGVD 29[1]
Prominence 700 feet (213 m) [1]
Coordinates 38°43′06″N 109°17′00″W / 38.7183187°N 109.2834492°W / 38.7183187; -109.2834492Coordinates: 38°43′06″N 109°17′00″W / 38.7183187°N 109.2834492°W / 38.7183187; -109.2834492[2]
Titan Tower is located in Utah
Titan Tower
Titan Tower

Titan Tower, also known as The Titan, is the largest of the Fisher Towers near Moab and Castle Valley, Utah. It has also been attributed to be the largest, free-standing, natural tower in the United States. The tower contains the Finger of Fate Route which is recognized in the historic climbing text Fifty Classic Climbs of North America and considered a classic around the world.[3][4][5][6]


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The Fisher Towers viewed from the west. In the right half of the picture the three fins of rock that make up the Fisher Towers are visible from left (north) to right (south) ending with Titan tower