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Titan the Robot
TITAN (1).jpg
First appearanceGlastonbury Festival (2004)
Created byNik Fielding[1]
TypeCostumed character
Height8 feet (2.4 m)
Weight60 kilograms (9.4 st)

Titan the Robot (often referred to as Titan) is a partially-mechanised robot costume developed by the British company Cyberstein Robots.[2][3] It is approximately 8 feet tall and weighs 60 kg (9.4 st)[4] which increases to 350 kg (55 st)[4] including the cart it rides on and onboard equipment. The face resembles a skull, and some have even compared it to a Transformer.[2][failed verification] Titan has performed at a variety of public and private events, such as the Commonwealth Games, Bar Mitzvahs[4] UK shopping centres,[5] television fundraisers and live concerts.[3] Entered the Chinese market in 2018 and operated by Tuxuan Robotics.


The upper body of Titan is controlled by the operator through the operator panel. The upper part of the operator is located on the costume's chest, where a unidirectional transparent glass window is available for the operator to observe the situation ahead. Titan has a shoulder, arm and head that is higher than the actual performer's head (up to 8 feet in total). The part above its chest is a remote control mechanism. The operator in the body can manipulate the upper part of Titan through the control panel in the chest of the body to complete various instructions. The actions and sounds are pre-programmed and automatically triggered when the corresponding actions and commands are made. Titan can identify the interactive objects through the AI and automatically retrieve interactive samples.

Its lower body is led by the operator. The active joint on the buttocks is wider than the actual actor. The purpose is to make the movement more mechanical. It explains why Titan is so flexible and smooth, so that it is the most advanced in the industry. Robotic walking mechanisms (such as PETMAN by Boston Dynamics, USA and ASIMO by Honda, Japan) are not comparable in terms of motion accuracy.

In addition, the body can also be controlled by an outside assistant, especially when the actor encounters a potential crisis that is unpredictable. An assistant, who observes in the distance, is able to take remote control of the body. (For example, if a child appears in a visual blind zone, the assistant can take over the manipulation to avoid harming the surrounding people).


Year Title Role Notes
2010 ECHO Awards Performer Two versions of Titan performed with the international pop star, Rihanna.[6]
2010 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Performer Titan performed on stage again with Rihanna.[7]
2010 Daybreak Performer Titan appeared on Daybreak's "Cool before School" feature.
2013 Germany's Next Topmodel Performer Titan appeared on German television (Pro7) for the eighth cycle of Germany's Next Topmodel.
2014 Big Brother UK Performer Titan the robot appeared on the 11th series of Big Brother in the UK as part of the 'Man v Machine' task.

Live performances[edit]



  • 7–11 AprilThe Gadget Show Live. Titan was used for comedy purposes during the annual "The Gadget Show Live Super Theatre" shows at the NEC in Birmingham.
  • 2 DecemberJLS. Titan joined a 40-day tour with JLS, appearing on stage to the track "Superhero".


  • The Gadget Show. Cyberstein confirmed on Facebook page that Titan will be used in an episode of The Gadget Show 11th series. In photos it is believed that it is in a sketch with Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury.
  • 15–17 AprilThe Gadget Show Live. Titan was also used at The Gadget Show Live as a feature in the super theater. There were also two other Titan robots that looked like the original. These were believed to be called Titan 2 and Titan 3.
  • 10 NovemberNatholdet, Danish TV2. While in Denmark for the BEEP gadget expo, Titan visited the Danish late night talk show, Natholdet [da], where it was to pick the winner of a drawing contest. However, Titan struggled with taking its hand down in the bowl, as its hands were too big and was told to leave the stage after several attempts.[9]


  • 3-7 April - The Gadget Show Live, NEC Birmingham
  • 19 SeptemberProfessional Recovery Tow Show, Telford[10]




  • 31 October–1 NovemberMicrosoft Future Decoded
  • Butlins. Titan appears at all Butlins resorts in the UK. Titan arrives being carried on a mini mobility scooter and then puts on a performance in the magic circle after Dave turns him on.


  • 15 JulyNissan Family Fun Day to celebrate 30 years of Nissan Technical Centre Europe
  • 15–19 April2018 Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai. Titan performed for four days.[12]
  • 5–10 NovemberChina International Import Expo, Shanghai. Titan was exhibited at the UK Pavilion.[13]
  • 17 NovemberThe Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield Christmas lights, where Titan turned on the town's Christmas lights.


  • Titan returned to Butlins in 2019 on selected breaks and school holidays after a 2 year break from the resorts.
  • Titan performed at RAF Cosford Air Show in Shropshire on the 9th of June 2019.


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