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Poster of Titan the Robot

Titan the robot is the stage name of a partially-mechanised costume[1][2] created by Cyberstein Robots Ltd. in 2004,[3] The robot costume is approximately 2.4 m (7.9 ft) tall and 60 kg (9.4 st)[1] and increases to 350 kg (55 st)[1] including the cart it rides on and onboard equipment. The face resembles a skull, and some have even compared it to a Transformer. It was designed by Nik Fielding, who runs Cyberstein from Newquay, Cornwall, England.[2] Titan has performed at a variety of public and private events, such as the Commonwealth Games, bar Mitzvahs[1] shopping centres,[4] television fund raisers and live concerts.[3]

The actor inside is Steven Colbert, He stands on several inches of lift boots but his legs do extend through most of the suits legs. The outer portion around the hips and the hinge joints is wider than the actor to make it appear robotic. However, the legs are completely human-powered so it is capable of such precision and fluid movement.

The actors upper body, including head and arms are inside of the suits "chest" area. There is a visible mirror on the front of the chest which is where the actor can see out, much like the mirrored visor on a helmet.

The suits shoulders, the arms and the head are above the actors real head and reach a height of 8 ft. This upper portion of the suit is a remote controlled machine. The actor inside has a control panel inside the chest that allows him to pilot the upper portion of the suit. Most of the actions and sounds are prerecorded gestures which are simply triggered in sequence by selecting the proper commands.

The actor also has a voice modulator to allow him to speak during performances.

In addition the remote controls can also be taken over by his assistants which are watching from a distance in case of any danger or threat that needs response that the actor can not see (for example if a child wanders in range of a movement from the suit which the actor cannot see to his side or behind him, the assistants can override his movement and try to prevent harm to the child).

During performances, there is also usually in-character security (men in black suits) that are used not only to add to the mystery of the presentation but to keep people from tampering with the panels and latches that keep the suit from opening up and revealing the person inside.

Recent or notable performances[edit]

Live At the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition 8–10 January 2015 A number of shows were conducted in the main arena.[5]

Live At Clacton Air Show 21 August 2014 Two shows at 11.00am & 12.00am The Shows were conducted outside along the seafront.

Live at The N1 Centre Islington On August 21, 2014 Titan will be performing at the N1 Centre in Islington. Titan is back at the N1 Centre after the success of his first appearance last year where he performed his unique blend of comedy, street theatre and music.

Live on stage with Rihanna, 2010

The Rihanna performances received much attention from the UK media, including The Sun[7] and Heat magazine.

The Gadget Show

  • From 7–11 April 2010, Titan was used for comedy purposes during the annual "The Gadget Show Live Super Theatre" shows at the NEC in Birmingham.
  • In 2011, Cyberstein have confirmed on Facebook page that Titan will be used in an episode of The Gadget Show 11th series. In photos it is believed that it is in a sketch with Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury
  • On 15–17 April, Titan was also used at The Gadget Show live as a feature in the super theater. There were also two other titan robots that looked like the original. These were believed to be called Titan 2 and Titan 3.

Big Brother Titan the robot appeared on the 11th series of Big Brother in the UK as part of a task.

Butlins (2006 — January 2016)

  • Titan appeared at all three Butlins resorts in the UK for over 10 years up until the end of the 2015 season where Butlins entertainment decide to cease the titan shows. Titan always arrives being carried on a mini mobility scooter and then puts on a performance in the magic circle after Dave turns him on.

Daybreak Titan appeared on 30 September on Daybreak's "Cool before School" feature. On 22 December it appeared again, playing a recording of "How much is that doggy in the window".

JLS Titan joined a 40-day tour with JLS on 2 December 2010, appearing on stage to the track "Superhero".

Natholdet, Danish TV2 While in Denmark for the BEEP gadget expo, on 10 November 2011, Titan visited the Danish late night talk show, Natholdet, where it was to pick the winner of a drawing contest. However, Titan struggled with taking its hand down in the bowl, as its hands were too big and was told to leave the stage after several attempts.

Germany's Next Topmodel Titan appeared on German Television (Pro7) for the show Germany's Next Topmodel 2013.

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