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Titane Laurent (born 17 September 1964) is a Belgian/New Zealand painter and illustrator, notable for her comic strip God's Stuff.[1] and abstract paintings. [2]


Born in Morocco in 1964 to Belgian parents and raised in Belgium, Laurent developed an interest in illustration and painting during high school. Laurent then followed a corporate career in marketing whilst continuing to indulge her artistic passions till 1999, when she left Belgium to continue her education as an illustrator in New Zealand. She developed a following as a cartoonist through regular contributions to numerous international newspaper including a weekly illustration in West Australia’s Sunday Time. She gave up cartooning in 2012 to pursue her career as a painter in Mauritius, then the USA, eventually returning to Australia in 2014, settling in Melbourne, Australia , where she recently launched LAURENT Gallery and Contemporary Art space with partner Jonathon Miller.[3] [4]


As an abstract painter, she has exhibited her paintings in America, Australia, Belgium, Japan, Luxembourg, Mauritius and New Zealand. She is represented by the Saatchi Gallery.[5] and has a permanent exhibition at the L A U R E N T Gallery in South Melbourne.[6]

Her early mastery of drawing and cartooning along with her 8-year apprenticeship with Chinese Conceptual Art teacher Gao XUYONG, attuned her to the abstract essence of line. Working in mixed media, Laurent’s style developed from figurative and representational works to black and white, emblematic and calligraphic compositions, where forms became rapidly brushed marks. The ambiance of New York where she lived and the influence of masters like Motherwell, Franz Kline, Basquiat, etc inspired tremendously LAURENT. Her sketches, mixed media paintings, and calligraphy over thick hidden foundation reveal her interest in seeking a pictorial equivalent to the dynamic rhythms of Life in fast, energetic, broad brushstrokes and the peaceful, deep spiritual journey of her own search for the Divine in silenced colours.