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Temporal range: Middle Permian
Titanophoneus potens.jpg
Titanophoneus potens skeleton
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Clade: Synapsida
Order: Therapsida
Suborder: Dinocephalia
Family: Anteosauridae
Subfamily: Anteosaurinae
Genus: Titanophoneus
Efremov, 1938
Type species
Titanophoneus potens
Efremov, 1938

Titanophoneus ("titanic murderer") is a carnivorous dinocephalian therapsid from the Middle Permian. It is classified within the family Anteosauridae. The type species is Titanophoneus potens.[1] Remains of Titanophoneus have been found at Isheevo in Russia. This therapsid is included in the Life Before the Dinosaurs:Permian Monsters travelling exhibition

Adult skulls are about 80 cm long with a heavy long snout and the total body length is about 2.85 meters.[citation needed]


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