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Topographic map of Jan Mayen

Titeltbukta (English: Ten Tents Bay) is a bay on the northwestern coast of the island of Jan Mayen.[1] The name originates from the establishment of ten "tents" (in reality wood and brick structures) in the bay in 1624 by Dutch whalers to lodge the men who flensed (cut up) the whales.[1] The Dutch also called it Zuidbaai (South Bay), as it was the most southerly of the whaling bays.[1] The station built there was one of the two main stations established by the Dutch at Jan Mayen (the other being to the north at Engelskbukta).


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Coordinates: 70°54.5′N 8°56.7′W / 70.9083°N 8.9450°W / 70.9083; -8.9450