Titian (crater)

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Titian crater.png
Enhanced-colour image of Titian (NASA image from MESSENGER spacecraft)
Planet Mercury
Coordinates 3°36′S 42°06′W / 3.6°S 42.1°W / -3.6; -42.1Coordinates: 3°36′S 42°06′W / 3.6°S 42.1°W / -3.6; -42.1
Diameter 121 km
Eponym Titian

Titian is an impact crater on the planet Mercury.

In an enhanced color image, viewed from the MESSENGER spacecraft, the smooth floor of Titian is a brighter orange color than the surrounding area, likely due to being filled with volcanic material. Ejecta from Titian appear blue and cover much of the surface surrounding the crater. This material was excavated from depth during the crater’s formation. Later impacts, such as the one that produced the small crater that appears yellow in the upper center of the image, excavated material from below the Titian ejecta. This yellow-appearing material was present at or near the surface before the impact that created Titian and is a different composition (and thus, color) from its surroundings.[1]