Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations

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Title 40 is a part of the United States Code of Federal Regulations. Title 40 arranges mainly environmental regulations that were promulgated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), based on the provisions of United States laws (statutes of the U.S. Federal Code). Parts of the regulation may be updated annually on July 1.[1]

Chapter I - Environmental Protection Agency[edit]

Chapter IV - Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Justice[edit]

(Part 1400)

Chapter V - Council on Environmental Quality[edit]

(Parts 1510 - 1518)

Chapter VI -- Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board[edit]

(Parts 1600-1620)

Chapter VII -- Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Defense; Uniform National Discharge Standards for Vessels of the Armed Forces[edit]

(Part 1700)