Title 46 of the United States Code

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Title 46 of the United States Code outlines the role of shipping in the United States Code.

  • Subtitle I: General
  • Subtitle II: Vessels and Seamen
  • Subtitle III: Maritime Liability
  • Subtitle IV: Regulation of Ocean Shipping
  • Subtitle V: Merchant Marine
  • Subtitle VI: Clearance, Tonnage Taxes, and Duties
  • Subtitle VII: Security and Drug Enforcement
    • Chapter 701: Port Security
    • Chapter 703: Maritime Security
    • Chapter 705: Maritime Drug Law Enforcement
  • Subtitle VIII: Miscellaneous
    • Chapter 801: Wrecks and Salvage
    • Chapter 803: Ice and Derelicts
    • Chapter 805: Safe Containers for International Cargo

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