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Titlow Beach is in Tacoma, Washington, USA. It is located along Puget Sound near the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. It has a beach, community center, park, water play area (all of which are run by Metro Parks Tacoma), two restaurants.,[1][2] a view of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, a small boardwalk, and is a popular scuba diving area.


Local lawyer Aaron R. Titlow purchased the property in 1903 and built the Hotel Hesperides, a resort hotel that lasted until 1923.[3] In 1926, the hotel was acquired by the park district. During the 1930s, it was remodeled during a WPA project. In 1963, octopus wrestling championships were held at the beach.[4] The lodge served as the home of the assistant superintendent for parks and then the caretaker for the park until 1990.[5] It was remodeled in 2011, and the pool was replaced in 2013 with a water play area.[6][7]

360° panorama of Titlow Beach Park. This photograph features the Titlow Beach, ruins of an old ferry terminal, and the Tacoma Narrows Bridges.


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