Tito (film)

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Poster for the Tito film
Directed by Tarek Al Eryan
Written by Tarek Al Eryan
Starring Ahmed El Sakka
Hanan Tork
Amr Waked
Khaled Saleh
Ashraf Meselhy
Music by Hisham Nazeeh
Release date
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

Tito (Arabic: تيتو‎‎) is an Egyptian action movie produced in 2004 starring Ahmed El Sakka, Hanan Tork, Amr Waked, Ashraf Dwedar, and Khaled Saleh. It was directed by Tarek Al Eryan. The movie is about a criminal who, as a young boy, didn't find anyone or anything to help or guide, turning into a vicious, yet kind hearted, criminal.


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