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Tito Paris
Tito Paris.jpg
Tito Paris performing in Cape Verde.
Background information
Birth nameAristides Paris
BornMay 30, 1963
OriginMindelo, São Vicente, Cape Verde
Years active1982 – present
Associated actsVoz de Cabo Verde, Bana, Val Xalino, Miroca Paris

Tito Paris, (born Aristides Paris May 30, 1963 in Mindelo, São Vicente, Cape Verde) is a singer and musician (mainly playing guitar and bass). He has a long career behind him. Tito Paris moved as a young man, aged 19, to Portugal. Lisbon continues to be his hometown even if he still goes back to his islands.


He was born in Mindelo on the island of São Vicente to a family with many elements dedicated to that form of music. He played with his brothers and his cousin Bau who later became famous. He was influenced with music by clarinetists Luis Morais, Valdemar Lopes da Serra and Chico Serra.

He recorded and released his first album Fidjo Malguado in 1978, an instrumental work that relieves its virtuosity with a guitarist. At 19 years of age, Tito Paris later moved to Lisbon under the request by Bana, he wanted to play the bass guitar. In Portugal, he took part of the band named Os Gaiatos in 1980 and recorded in Portugal as an exile band from 1982 to 1985. He recorded his album Tito Paris in 1987, he also recorded with Cesária Évora in an LP titled Cesária. Later on, he formed a main group which recorded the album Dança Ma Mi criola in 1993. In 1996, he recorded his third album Graça de Tchega. Afterwards, he released two live albums, one about B. Leza in 1998 and the other was recorded on 27 July, 1990, released in 1999. In 2002, he released his new album Guilhermina, his two Acústico albums were released, the first was Aula Magna released in 2004 which was the African edition and the second was the African edition in 2007. His recent album is titled Mozamverde which featured tracks with musical styles of Cape Verde and Mozambique. Most the albums were released on the Paris-based record company Lusafrica.

He paid tribute to Miguel Portas at Teatros Luiz in Lisbon, where he sang a song titled "Sodade", originally sung by Cesária Évora. As a composer, he also wrote songs for Bana and Cesária Evora.

Tito Paris has toured numerous nations including Portugal, Spain, France especially Cannes, New York City and Boston in the United States, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Brussels in Belgium and Norway.

In 2012, he celebrated 30 years of his career, with a huge concert in Rotterdam with the Metropolitan Orchestra of the Netherlands, a launch of a photobiography together with a documentary.[1]

On 8 April 2017, he was awarded the rank of the Commander of the Portuguese Order of Merit by President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa[2] Not long after, he released a new album titled Mim ê Bô, which features with the special presentation of the former King of Morna Bana, as well as Boss AC and the Brazilian musician Zeca Baleiro.


Tito Paris live in Lisbon on the New Year's concert in Terreiro do Paço.

Fidjo Maguado

  1. Noti di Mindel
  2. Sês Odjos é Pret é Doce
  3. Grit D` Povo
  4. Ponto do Sol
  5. Papa Juquim Paris
  6. Serenata
  7. Fidjo Maguado
  8. Hora de Bai
  10. Mi Na Mei Di Mar
  11. Sabino Largáme
  12. Carnaval Dintintaçon
  13. Quem Bo é

Dança Ma Mi Criola

  1. O Pretinha
  2. Dança ma mi Criola
  3. Estrela Linda
  4. Regresso
  5. Vitor
  6. Coregem Ermum
  7. Otilia Otilio
  8. Curti Bo Life
  9. Day Amor
  10. Mae Querida
  11. Nina
  12. Contam Bo Dor

Graça De Tchega

  1. Um Ten Graca De Tchega
  2. No Intende
  3. Joana Rosa
  4. Preto E Mi
  5. Rainha Estrela
  6. Marina
  7. Mar Di Ilheu
  8. Kantador
  9. Um Cria Ser Un Poeta
  10. Cartinha D'holanda
  11. Um Paixao

Ao vivo no B.Leza

  1. Nhor Deus
  2. O Pretinha
  3. Mar Di Ilheu
  4. Verdeaninha
  5. Curti Bo Life
  6. Mae Querida
  7. Marina
  8. Sodade
  9. Um Ten Graça De Tchega
  10. Dança Ma Mi Criola

Ao Vivo

  1. Luanda
  2. Ódio e Pobreza
  3. Rosa Engeitada
  4. Boa Viagem
  5. Raposódias de Mornas
    1. Verdianinha
    2. Estrela di nha Peito
    3. Nha Terra
  6. Tudo sis Nome
  7. Anjo Negra
  8. 80 Mil Odioso
  9. Cartinha D`Holanda
  10. Mãe Querida


  1. Guilhermina
  2. Um Gostá Di Bô
  3. Rosto Di Morena
  4. Era Um Sonho
  5. Na Caminho Di Sandomingos
  6. Ondas Di Bô Corpo
  7. Criolo Ca Tem Patron
  8. Padoce Di Ceú Azul
  9. Febri Di Funáná
  10. Elisa Gomara Saia


(African Edition)

  1. Morna PPV
  2. Nha Sina
  3. Ondas di bô Corpo
  4. Que vida (inédito)
  5. Um gosta di bô
  6. Victor
  7. Estrela Linda
  8. Otilia/Otilio
  9. Sodade
  10. Poema Tropical
  11. Clarisse (com Paulo Flores)
  12. Febre di Funana


(European Edition)

  1. Morna PPV
  2. Nha Sina
  3. Ondas di bô Corpo
  4. Que vida
  5. Victor
  6. Estrela Linda
  7. Otilia/Otilio
  8. Sodade
  9. Poema Tropical
  10. Febre di Funana
  11. Tchapeu di Padja
  12. Xandinha
  13. Galo Bedjo



Mim ê Bô


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