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Тито и ја
Tito i ja
Tito and me
Tito i ja.jpg
Directed by Goran Marković
Produced by Goran Marković
Zoran Masirević
Michel Mavros
Zoran Tasić
Written by Goran Marković
Starring Dimitrije Vojnov
Lazar Ristovski
Miki Manojlović
Anica Dobra
Voja Brajović
Music by Zoran Simjanović
Cinematography Radoslav Vladić
Edited by Snezana Ivanović
Distributed by Kino International
Release date
Running time
104 min. (USA)
118 min. (Canada)\
Country Yugoslavia
Language Serbian

Tito and Me (Serbian: Тито и ја, Tito i ja) is a 1992 Yugoslavian comedy film by Serbian director Goran Marković. The film was made during one of the most difficult periods in the history of the Balkans. Its quirky humor marked the beginning of the end for the country it celebrates and mercilessly criticises at the same time.


The movie is set in Socialist ruled Yugoslavia during the 1950s. Zoran is a slightly overweight 10-year-old living in an overcrowded home that his parents share with his grandmother, and aunt and uncle. In the communist era of Yugoslavia, many homes were taken away from their owners in the Land Reform programs.

Zoran's family is opposed to Tito's rule, while little Zoran sees Tito as his personal hero. He's learned in school that Tito is the greatest man ever.




Scenes depicting Hrvatsko Zagorje were filmed on Fruška Gora, in Serbia, because the War in Croatia already started when the filming took place.[1]

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