Titsiana Booberini

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Titsiana Booberini
Directed by Robert Luketic
Written by Robert Luketic
Starring Tania Lacy
Sophie Lee
Roz Hammond
Release date
Running time
11 minutes
Country Australia
Language English

Titsiana Booberini is a short film written and directed by Robert Luketic and released in 1997.[1]

Initially entered at the Telluride Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival, the film's success led to it being screened at film festivals all over the world.[2] It won "Best Film" at the Aspen Shortsfest,[3] and lead actress Tania Lacy's performance won her the "Best Actress Award" at the Exposure Film Festival in Brisbane.[4] Its positive reception at Sundance caught the interest of several high-profile studios, leading to Luketic being offered the directing position for Legally Blonde.[5][6]

The film is a musical comedy,[7] with the story focusing on Titsiana Booberini, an Italian check-out girl at a suburban supermarket who is ridiculed by her fellow employees for her slightly hirsute upper lip. Titsiana gains new confidence and acceptance when she discovers a hair removal treatment.

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