Tituš Brezovački

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Tituš Brezovački (January 4, 1757 – October 29, 1805) was a Croatian writer.

Brezovački, as the great comedian of the period, wrote all of his dramatic works in Kajkavian dialect. His poems were chiefly written in German and Latin, but few of them have also been preserved in Ijekavian Štokavian, as if predicting the path of Croatian national revival.

He was born in Zagreb, schooled in Zagreb and Varaždin, and in 1774 he entered the Pauline Order. He initiated the study of theology in 1776 in Lepoglava, and afterwards graduated philosophy and theology in Pest. He was ordained in 1781, serving as a gymnasium professor in Varaždin henceforth. In 1785 the Pauline Order was abolished, causing Brezovački to become a common priest. His disputes with clergy and the bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac had often forced him to relocate, changing parishes (Varaždin, Križevci, Rakovac, Zagreb, Krapina, Požega, Zagreb). He died there in 1805, exhausted by a lung disease.


  • "Sveti Aleksij", a drama (1786)
  • "Matijaš grabancijaš dijak", a comedy (1804)
  • "Diogeneš ili sluga dveh zaljubljenih bratov", a comedy (1805)
  • "Jeremijaš nad hrvatskoga orsaga zrušenjem nerekujuči", a satire