Titus Petronius Secundus

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Titus Petronius Secundus
AllegianceRoman Empire
Years of service94–97
RankPraetorian prefect
Commands heldPraetorian Guard

Titus Petronius Secundus (40–97) was a prefect of the Roman imperial bodyguard, known as the Praetorian Guard, under emperor Domitian, from 94 until 96. Prior to becoming Praetorian prefect, Petronius had served as governor of the Egypt province from 92 until 93.

According to ancient sources, Petronius was among a number of government officials implicated in the conspiracy which led to the assassination of Domitian on September 18, 96. Upon the accession of emperor Nerva, he was dismissed as prefect and allowed to retire outside of Rome. Support for Domitian however remained strong in the army. Dissatisfaction with the state of affairs ultimately led to a rebellion in which the Praetorian Guard, led by Casperius Aelianus, laid siege to the Imperial Palace and took Nerva hostage, forcing him to submit to their demands and hand over those responsible for Domitian's death. The revolt was successful and Petronius was murdered by the Praetorians.