Titus van Asch van Wijck

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Titus van Asch van Wijck.

Jonkheer Titus Anthony Jacob van Asch van Wijck (29 August 1849 in Utrecht – 9 September 1902 in The Hague) was a Dutch nobleman, politician and colonial governor of Suriname. He was the son of Matthias Margarethus van Asch van Wijck and the grandson of Hubert Matthijs Adriaan Jan van Asch van Wijck, both prominent politicians. T. A. J. van Asch van Wijck served as governor of Suriname (27 June 1891 – 12 May 1896) and colonial minister (1 August 1901 – 9 September 1902) in the government of Abraham Kuyper. He was a leading member of the Anti-Revolutionary Party (ARP).

He was mayor of Amersfoort between 1 August 1883 and 1 June 1891, and once again from 1 January 1900 to 1 August 1901.[1] Van Asch van Wijk served numerous terms in the House of Representatives, for the first time between 29 September 1881 until 11 October 1884. He also served from 17 November 1884–18 May 1886, 14 July 1886–17 August 1887, 19 September 1887–27 March 1888 and 1 May 1888–12 May 1891.[1] Van Asch van Wijk also served in the States of Utrecht between 1 July 1885 and 1 June 1891, the Senate of the Netherlands between 15 September 1896 and 1 August 1901, and the municipal council of The Hague between 17 May 1898 and 1 January 1900.[1]

The Van Asch Van Wijck Mountains in Suriname are named after him.[2]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Jacob Theodoor Cremer
Minister of Colonial Affairs
Succeeded by
Johannes Willem Bergansius