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Tiuna UR-53AR50
A Tiuna with a covered cab roof.
Type Light Utility Vehicle
Place of origin Venezuela
Service history
In service 2004 - Present
Production history
Manufacturer CENARECA
Unit cost $69,767.44 (USD) / BsF. 142.857,00 (VEF) (basic unit)
Produced July 20, 2004 – present
Weight 2 tons
Length 4.92 meters
Crew 9 (Including driver)

Engine General Motors Vortec V8 5.3 litre
Transmission 5-speed
Suspension wheeled

The Tiuna UR-53AR50 is a Venezuelan multipurpose military vehicle, presented by CENARECA and assembled by Venezolana de Vehículos para la Defensa.[1] The assembly plant is located at Fort Tiuna, Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela.[1] The Tiuna was created to compete with the American-made Humvee, which was first shown to the public on July 20, 2004.[2]

Production vehicles are built with the support of companies that bring vehicle parts for its construction and co-ops that work at the Fort Tiuna Assembly Plant (VVD Headquarters). This vehicle is designed and built in Venezuela.


The following are known production models for the Tiuna:[1][3][4]

  • Military
    • Reconnaissance
    • Anti-Tank
    • Command Post
    • Anti-Air
    • Communications
    • Anti-Riot
    • Recoilless rifle-mounted (M40)
  • Others
    • Transportation (Personal)
    • Cargo (Dry)
    • Ambulance
    • Maintenance
    • Fuel
    • Water tanker
  • Civilian
    • SUV


Map of Tiuna operators in blue


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