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Tivoli Audio
FounderTom DeVesto
Boston, MA
ProductsTivoli Audio PAL
Number of employees

Tivoli Audio is an American consumer audio equipment company. It was founded in 2000 by Tom DeVesto in collaboration with Henry Kloss, who noticed a gap in the consumer audio market for a high-quality, well designed and affordable AM/FM radio.[1]

The Model One was designed and developed by Kloss without knowing how it would be sold because he recognized the potential for an updated version of his iconic radios. After prototypes were developed he entered into an agreement with DeVesto to manufacture and market the radio through a new company, Tivoli Audio.

The Model One was designed to provide an affordable yet high performance table radio with an emphasis on receiving FM radio in congested, urban locations while keeping the ability to also pick out distant or low power stations. The FM tuner was an innovative design that used a sophisticated combination of components to achieve this goal at low cost. Kloss had noted that the mid 60's wave of Japanese radios lacked the ability to receive FM stations in congested locations, and this became a defining goal of his radio designs throughout his career.

The sound of the Model One was also the outcome of his lifelong work with small full range speaker systems. He combined his experience with small speakers with frequency response shaping in the electronics to achieve a true high fidelity speaker system in a small box.

The Model One was quickly followed by the PAL portable radio, which combined the analog tuning dial and sensitivity of the Model One with a rechargeable battery, compact size, good sound, and a variety or color combinations, which set the stage for the wave of Bluetooth speakers to follow.

The PAL radio was conceived by Kloss but he was not able to finish that due to illness, and it was finished by Tivoli and Gordon Cook, his collaborator and electronics consultant for the Model One and previous Kloss designs.

After the success of their Model One Radio, Tivoli quickly moved to other sectors of the consumer audio world; CD players, fully integrated music systems, subwoofers and internet radios. In 2016 they further diversified their product line by releasing the ART line, merging the design sensibilities and craftsmanship of mid-century modern design with the innovative technology of wifi and connectivity.

Tivoli has released many collaborations and special collections, fully recognizing the consumer demand for custom made products. Different styles and finishes were released and collaborations forged between Tivoli and powerhouse brands like Coach, Cappallini, Timberland and NPR. In 2012-15 they installed an oversized Model One BT Radio in city squares across Europe to showcase their keystone product. They expanded their range to include many different colors and finishes that still stayed true to their mid century modern roots and original aesthetic. Tivoli is also a popular brand within the hospitality industry, with many luxury hotels including the Ritz Carlton, W Hotels and Soho Grand using Tivoli products to enhance their guest’s stay.

Product Release Timeline[edit]

  • 2000: Model One AM/FM Radio
  • 2001: Model Two AM/FM Radio Stereo with subwoofer and CD player
  • 2002: PAL (Portable Audio Laboratory)
  • 2003: Model Three Alarm Clock Radio with subwoofer and extra speaker
  • 2004: Songbook AM/FM Alarm clock travel radio
  • 2005: iSongbook Portable Music System with built-in iPod dock
  • 2006: Music System All-in-one stereo system
  • 2007: iYiYi High-Fidelity stereo system for iPod
  • 2008: Networks Global Audio System with internet capabilities, stereo speaker and CD player
  • 2010: Model 10 AM/FM clock radio; The Connector iPod dock
  • 2011: PAL+ Portable radio with DAB/DAB+
  • 2012: Model One BlueTooth, PAL BlueTooth, BlueCon Music Receiver with BlueTooth connectivity
  • 2013: Albergo AM/FM clock radio with Bluetooth
  • 2014: Music System Three portable Hi-Fi system with AM/FM and BlueTooth connectivity
  • 2016: ART Orb/Sphera; ART Cube; ConX
  • 2017: ART Model One Digital


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