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Tivoli Audio
Founded Boston, Massachusetts
Founder Tom DeVesto
Products Tivoli Audio PAL
Website tivoliaudio.com

Tivoli Audio is an American electronics company based in Boston, Massachusetts, mainly making radios and other sound reproduction equipment. The company was started by Tom DeVesto. Tivoli Audio emphasizes a simple and functional design without redundant switches, knobs or lights. Henry Kloss designed several versions, including the PAL. Many types, including the Model One and Model Two, incorporate visual elements similar to Kloss' legendary KLH Model Eight table radio; most prominent is the geared rotary tuning dial, which allows the user to carefully dial in a station without requiring excessively-steady hands.[citation needed]

Tivoli Audio sells its products in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and 30 other countries.[citation needed]

Product timeline[edit]

Tivoli One
  • 2000   Model One: monaural AM/FM (table) radio, Tivoli Audio's representative model designed by Henry Kloss
  • 2001   Model Two: stereophonic version of the Model One, expandable with a subwoofer and a CD player
  • 2002   PAL (Portable Audio Laboratory): portable version of the Model One
  • 2003   Model Three: monaural Alarm clock radio, expandable with a subwoofer and an extra speaker for stereo sound reproduction
  • 2004   Songbook: AM/FM Alarm clock travel radio
  • 2005   iSongbook: Portable Music System with built-in iPod dock
  • 2006   Music System: All-in-one stereo system
  • 2007   iYiYi: High-Fidelity stereo system for iPod
  • 2008   Networks, Networks+: Global Audio System with internet capabilities, expandable with a stereo speaker, subwoofer and CD player. Also with DAB/DAB+ (Networks+)
  • 2010   Model 10, Model 10+: AM/FM clock radio. Also with DAB/DAB+ (Model 10+)
      The Connector: iPod dock
  • 2011   PAL+: Portable radio with DAB/DAB+
  • 2012   Model One BT: Monaural (table)radio with Bluetooth Wireless Technology
      PAL BT: Portable radio with Bluetooth Wireless Technology
      BluCon: Music Receiver with Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • 2013   Albergo, Albergo+: AM/FM clock radio (Albergo+ also has DAB/DAB+) with Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • 2014   Music System Three, Music System Three+: portable Hi-Fi system with AM/FM (Music System Three+ also has DAB/DAB+) and Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Tivoli Audio has also produced various other audio related products, including: Compact Disc players, speakers, carry bags and noise cancelling headphones.


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