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This is a Malay name; the name Abdul Razak is a patronymic, not a family name, and the person should be referred to by the given name, Siti Zaqyah.
Tiz Zaqyah
Tiz Zaqyah.jpg
Born Siti Zaqyah Abdul Razak
(1988-10-25) 25 October 1988 (age 28)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nationality Malaysian
Years active 2006–present
Height 4 ft 11 in (1.50 m)

Siti Zaqyah Abdul Razak (born 25 October 1988), commonly known by her stage name Tiz Zaqyah is a Malaysian actress, model and singer. She debuted in 2006 and since then has starred in films, dramas, telemovies and television and magazine advertisements. She rose to fame for playing the role of Nur Amina in the 2009 hit drama Nur Kasih with Remy Ishak, Fizz Fairuz and Sharifah Sofia. She became best known for her leading roles in Asmaradana, Gemilang, Soffiya, Dejavu di Kinabalu, Sebenarnya, Saya Isteri Dia! where she played a role of Shaf alongside the rising actor, Izzue Islam, Cinta Jangan Pergi where she acted with her acclaimed counterpart partner, Remy Ishak, Jodoh Itu Milik Kita and Kusinero Cinta.

Early life[edit]

Tiz Zaqyah was born on 25 October 1988, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is the second daughter of two siblings and has one sister. She graduated from Subang Jaya High School in November 2005.[1][2] She began her acting career at the age of 18. She was listed on Malaysia's 10 most beautiful actress when she wears a scarf.[3] Tiz Zaqyah is said as the actress that have an aura in her acting.[4]


Tiz Zaqyah made her acting debut in the 2006 8TV drama Gol & Gincu The Series as a cameo role. Her major breakthrough was the drama Nur Kasih directed by Kabir Bhatia in 2009.[5] In 2010, Tiz acted for two drama series, Spa Qistina playing a role as Maya and Asmaradana, a 25 episode drama broadcast by Grand Brilliance for whom she played as Tengku Azizah, together with other co stars, Shaheizy Sam and Iqram Dinzly. The production was well received by the audiences and was awarded as Best Drama in Profima Awards 2010. The series was aired on 9 March. On December 2010, it reported that Nur Kasih drama will be filmed and will run on 2011[6] and Tiz will sing a theme song for that film and duet with Yassin who sang the theme song for Nur Kasih drama.[7][8]

In 2011, she starred in such hit dramas as Gemilang[9] and Soffiya.[10] In drama Gemilang she played a character as a teacher who wanted her student excel in their studies and in drama Soffiya Tiz played role as a person who has many problems and was raped by her own father.[11] In March 2011, it was reported that Tiz will acting in her second film titled Cinta Kura Kura and that film is scheduled to hit the platform next year on 1 March 2012.[12][13]

In March 2012, Tiz Zaqyah starred in Cinta Kura Kura, a Malaysian film produced by KRU Studios. She acted as Nani, a 21-year-old bubbly girl together with her beloved pet turtle, NICO played by Zizan. This movie was released in March 2012.[14][15] In 2012, Tiz involved in the serial drama Dejavu di Kinabalu. In this drama, Tiz brings the character of a woman who had just undergone heart transplant surgery and he has the personality traits of the original owner's heart that makes her heart to the man is linked to the original owner lover's heart.

In 2013, Tiz will be starred in Cinta Jangan Pergi drama where she will be acting besides her former lover, Remy Ishak. On 13 January 2013, Tiz announced on her Facebook page that she would appear in a new drama called Oh My English Season 2.



Year Title Role Notes
2011 Nur Kasih The Movie[16] Nur Amina Lead roles
2012 Cinta Kura Kura[17][18] Nani
2017 Kolestrol VS Cinta Krisya


Year Title Role Network
2006 Gol & Gincu The Series 8TV
Impian Illyana Season 2[19] Ika TV3
2007 Impian Illyana Season 3
2008 Sunsilk Impian[20]
2009 Nur Kasih Nur Amina
2010 Spa Qistina[21] Maya Astro Box Office
Asmaradana Tengku Azizah TV3
2011 Gemilang[22] Asma
Tahajjud Cinta Emelda
Soffiya[23][24] Soffiya / Yaya
2012 Dejavu di Kinabalu[25] Dalilah Nadira
2013 Sebenarnya, Saya Isteri Dia! Syafa Aqira
Oh My English 2 Ayu Astro TVIQ
Cinta Jangan Pergi[26][27] Lea Soraya TV9
Jodoh Itu Milik Kita Dahlia Astro Mustika HD
2014 Kusinero Cinta Edrinna
Oh My English 3 Ayu Astro TVIQ
Seludup Yasmin Astro Prima
2015 Oh My English!: Class of 2015 Ayu Astro TVIQ
2016 Akadku Yang Terakhir Rania Baheera Astro Prima
Hero Wana TV2
Lara Cinta Ameena Ameena TV3


Year Title Role Network
2007 Taxi Driver ntv7
2008 Bernafas Dalam Lumpur[28]
Seandainya Aku Siti[29] Farah
2009 Puaka Topeng Putih Aini Astro Ria
Korban Kasih Marlisa Nuraina TV3
2010 Keabadian Cinta Dina Astro Citra
Kuih Makmur[30] Mastura TV3
Suzana Suzana
Cinta Akhbar Nuraini TV9
2011 Mesej Terakhir Kartini TV3
7 Lagu[31] Tania / Hajar Astro Citra
Bukan Untukku Izzati TV1
Geisha Melayu Terakhir[32] Ai Ling Astro Ria
Dari Kedah Ke Kuala Lumpur[33] Isteri Zamri TV3
Pencari Jalan Lurus Naelah TV Alhijrah
Buat Tatapan Yang Tercinta Nora Astro Prima
Aduh Sayang[34] Nani TV3
2012 Runtuhnya Sebuah Dosa[35] Emelda
Sabar Tak Sabar Farhana
Biarlah Rahsia Nila Astro Prima
2013 Keroncong Untuk Ana Rohayu
XOXO[36][37] Aleesha TV9
Karlos Bolos Ella / Suhaila TV3
Oh My Ganu! Ayu Astro TVIQ
2014 Oh My English! - Hello America!
2015 Izinku Kembali Ayra Sufya TV9
Rose Emilia Emilia
Lintang Pukang Nadia Astro Prima
Oh My Goat Ayu Astro TVIQ
Cermin Kasih[38][39] Marina TV3
2016 Oh My Ganu! 2 Ayu Astro TVIQ
Akadku Yang Terakhir Raya Rania Baheera Astro Prima
Dengan Lafaz Bismillah Zaleha



Year Title Notes
2011 Nur Kasih (with Yassin) Nur Kasih The Movie OST
2013 Together (with SleeQ and Zain Saidin) Oh My English! 2 OST

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
23rd Bintang Popular Berita Harian Awards
Most Popular Female New Artist N/A Nominated
Most Popular TV Actress[40][41] N/A Won
Stail EH! Awards
Women's Top Sexy Celebrity N/A Nominated
2nd Shout! Awards
Best on Screen Chemistry with Remy Ishak Nur Kasih Nominated
24th Bintang Popular Berita Harian Awards
Most Popular TV Actress N/A Nominated
15th Skrin Awards
Pantene Shine Award[42] N/A Won
Best Film Actress Nur Kasih The Movie Nominated
24th Malaysia Film Festival Awards
Best Female Actress[43][44] Nominated
Best Theme Song – Nur Kasih with Yaasin Nominated
PPMH Awards
Promising Award[45] N/A Nominated
25th Bintang Popular Berita Harian Awards
Most Popular TV Actress[46][47][48] N/A Nominated
1st Blockbuster Awards
Best Female Performance Nur Kasih The Movie Nominated
Best Movie Theme Song – Nur Kasih with Yassin Nominated
3rd Shout! Awards
Best on Screen Chemistry with Remy Ishak[49][50][51][52] Nominated
2nd Blockbuster Awards
Best Female Performance Cinta Kura Kura Nominated
Melodi Awards
Female Choice Artist Award N/A Nominated
Kuala Lumpur Drama Festival Awards
Choice Drama Actress Sebenarnya, Saya Isteri Dia! Nominated
Choice Cast Selection Won
Choice On-Screen Couple with Izzue Islam Nominated
27th Bintang Popular Berita Harian Awards
Best on Screen Chemistry with Izzue Islam Nominated
Astro on the Go Fan Choice Awards
Favourite Phewittt Actress Jodoh Itu Milik Kita Nominated
3rd Warna Comedian Awards
Most Popular Female Comedian Artist N/A Nominated
20th Skrin Awards
Best Drama Actress Cermin Kasih Won


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