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Tjörn NASA.jpg
Country Sweden
County Västra Götaland
Municipality Tjörn
Coordinates 58°01′N 11°38′E / 58.017°N 11.633°E / 58.017; 11.633Coordinates: 58°01′N 11°38′E / 58.017°N 11.633°E / 58.017; 11.633
Area 147.54 km2 (57 sq mi) [1]

Tjörn (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈɕœːɳ]) is the sixth largest island in Sweden,[1] located on the Swedish West coast in the province of Bohuslän.


  • Area (island): 147 km2
  • Area (municipality): 168 km2
  • Population: 15,774 (2017)[2]


Tjörn is connected in the east to the town of Stenungsund on the mainland by the Tjörn bridge, and to the island of Orust in the north by the Skåpesund bridge. The largest town is Skärhamn, and it is also the municipal capital. Other communities, many of which are fishing communities, include Rönnäng, Klädesholmen, and Kyrkesund. The peninsula of Mjörn has beautiful scenery, and large shell banks.


During the summer, the population swells from 15,000 to 45,000 as vacationers arrive for yachting and swimming. Skärhamn has an ample guest harbor to accommodate yachters travelling along the Swedish west coast.

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