Tjorven (vehicle)

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Tjorven, here in a version adapted for the handicapped
Tjorven in service as mail truck.

The Kalmar KVD440/441, also variously known as Tjorven or DAF Kalmar, is a delivery van based on the DAF 44, made in Sweden. The vehicle inherited the air-cooled, 844cc boxer engine and Variomatic transmission from the DAF 44.

In the mid-sixties the then Postverket (Swedish Mail) needed a new vehicle for mail delivery, and contacted Kalmar Verkstad, who developed and built it between 1969 and 1971. On the export market it was simply called Kalmar. In addition to the generous heating provided by the air-cooled engine, to provide appropriate heating for postmen, some units were fitted with a gasoline-powered Eberspächer heater under the driver's seat, with a dedicated exhaust pipe.

"Tjorven" was a nickname given to the Kalmar as its rather frumpy appearance was reminiscent of a contemporary Swedish television character of that name.

It was RHD for easy driver access to road side letter boxes, frame-built with a fiberglass bodywork.

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