Tjwao dialect

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Native toZimbabwe
Native speakers
  • Kalahari (Tshu–Khwe)
Official status
Official language in
 Zimbabwe (as "Koisan")
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Tjwao (formerly Tshwao) is an endangered Khoe language spoken by fewer than 20 people in the Tsholotsho District of Zimbabwe, all over 60 years of age.[1][2][permanent dead link][3] A slightly larger group of 100 have passive or partial knowledge of the language.

It is the only Khoisan language in Zimbabwe, where "Koisan" is an officially recognised language in the constitution.

Tjwao belongs to the Tshwa (Tsoa-Kua) cluster of East Kalahari Khoe languages. It is very similar to the varieties of Ganade noted by Westphal and Traill. Although mentioned by scholars for several decades, documentation of the language only began in 2012.


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