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Hv3 using Tkhtml to render the Wikipedia front page
Hv3 using Tkhtml to render the Wikipedia front page
Developer(s)Liem Bahneman[1]
Written inC, Tcl
Operating systemUNIX,[1] other
TypeBrowser engine, WYSIWYG HTML editor

Tkhtml is a discontinued open-source browser engine written in C using the Tk widget toolkit.[1][2] It was used primarily by the Html Viewer 3 (Hv3) minimalist web browser.

Version 1 was written using the XF application builder, but because of functionality reasons this part was rewritten.[2] In 2006, it was announced that a public build of Tkhtml Alpha 10 had passed the Acid2 test.[3]

To run Tkhtml, the Tcl/Tk framework needed to be installed.[2] Then the standard wish interpreter needed to be replaced by the wwwish interpreter to use the WYSIWYG previewing function.[2]


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