Tkiyet Um Ali

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Tkiyet Um Ali
TUA logo.png
Founded 2003; 14 years ago (2003)
Founder conceptualized by Queen Alia al-Hussein, initiated by Princess Haya bint Al Hussein
Type non-profit organization
Focus underprivileged citizens
Area served
Key people
Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, Chairperson
Slogan Food For Life

Tkiyet Um Ali (Arabic: تكية أم علي‎‎), is a Jordanian non-governmental organization founded by Princess Haya in honour of her late mother Queen Alia. [1]

The first initiative of its kind in Jordan and in the Arab World, Tkiyet Um Ali provides food and services to the less privileged sectors of Jordanian society, the needy and the hungry.


As Founder and Chairperson, HRH Princess Haya began deliberations on the project in 2002, and work was soon initiated in the name of Tkiyet Um Ali. Building for the Tkiyet began in 2003, and was completed in August 2004. By realizing this, Princess Haya brought to life one of the ideas which the late Queen Alia “Um Ali” had planned to initiate in Jordan to ensure that all Jordanians were provided with the basics of survival.


Tkiyet Um Ali seeks to serve as a model for hunger and relief initiatives across the rest of the Arab world. It is considered to be the first NGO in Jordan to serve hot meals and provide humanitarian aid on daily basis to the poor and needy from the Jordanian society in all locations.[2]


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