Tlacotepec meteorite

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Tlacotepec meteorite.jpg
Type Iron
Structural classification Octahedrite
Group IVB
Country Mexico
Coordinates 18°39′N 97°33′W / 18.650°N 97.550°W / 18.650; -97.550Coordinates: 18°39′N 97°33′W / 18.650°N 97.550°W / 18.650; -97.550
Observed fall No
Found date 1903
TKW 71 kilograms (157 lb)

The Tlacotepec meteorite is an iron meteorite classified as an IVB meteorite.[1] It is the only meteorite of the IVB group that is an octahedrite.[2]

The meteorite is named after Tlacotepec, Guerrero (Mexico).

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