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Queen of Tenochtitlan and Ecatepec
Emperor Moctezuma II
Father Prince Matlaccoatzin

Tlapalizquixochtzin was an Aztec noblewoman and Queen regnant of the Aztec city of Ecatepec. She was also a Queen consort or Empress of Tenochtitlan.[1]


Moctezuma II, husband of Tlapalizquixochtzin

She was born as a Princess – daughter of Prince Matlaccoatzin and thus a granddaughter of the King Chimalpilli I and sister of Princess Tlacuilolxochtzin.[2]

Tlacuilolxochtzin married Aztec emperor Moctezuma II (c. 1466 – June 1520). Their daughter was Doña Francisca de Moctezuma.

Her nephew was King Diego de Alvarado Huanitzin.[3]

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Wives of Ahuitzotl
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