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Tlawng River
Tlawng River.JPG
Tlawng, water source for Aizawl, Mizoram
Country India
States Mizoram, Assam
 - left Tut
 - right Teirei
Cities Aizawl, Lunglei
 - elevation 1,398 m (4,587 ft)
 - location Zopui Hill
Length 185.5 km (115 mi)

The Tlawng is a river of Mizoram, northeastern India.[1] Tributaries include the Tut, Teirei and the Ngashih. Aizawl lies in the Tlawng valley.


Tlawng River is one of the longest river in Mizoram measuring 234 Km Lengt(Distance) or 185.50Km (Displacement .. in straight line) (as on the date of 23.9.2015) Between Zobawk village near Lunglei Town to Bairabi (Mizoram Border) It originates in Zopui Hill (Near Zobawk) some 8 kilometres (5 mi) east of Lunglei at an elevation of 1,395 metres (4,577 ft). After the confluence with Tut and Teirei River it eventually enters Cachar District. It is navigable by small boat up to Sairang.[2]


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Coordinates: 24°52′N 92°36′E / 24.867°N 92.600°E / 24.867; 92.600