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Mettur Dam capacity: 93.4 Tmcft

Tmcft, (Tmc ft), (TMC), (tmc), is the abbreviation for one thousand million cubic feet (1,000,000,000 = 109 = 1 billion), commonly used in reference to volume of water in a reservoir[1] or river flow.[2]


1 tmcft. is equivalent to:

  • 1,000,000,000 cubic feet (28,000,000 m3)
  • 2.83168466×1010 litre
  • 2.83168466×107 cubic metre
  • 22,956.841139 acre feet
  • 7.48051945×109 U.S. gallons

Alternatively, 35.32 tmcft = 1 cubic Km (cubic Km is the standard unit used by Central Water Commission of Government of India for reporting gross and effective storage capacities of dams in India in National Register of Large Dams- NRLD)


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