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Web address
Commercial? Yes, based in Norway
Type of site
Registration Optional
Owner ToTheGame
Created by Svein Erik Johansen
Haavard Sverdrup
Tomas Binfield-Skøie
Knut Moen
Launched September, 2001

ToTheGame is a gaming site started on September 1, 2001. They work as a gaming portal to other sites by adding news, interview, review, preview, video and screenshot links. They also work as a database of release dates for USA, UK, Scandinavia and EU. As of 2011 they have over 12,000 games on all major platforms, PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS.


ToTheGame was launched 1 September 2001 by the Norwegians Svein Erik Johansen, Knut Moen, Tomas Skøie and Haavard Sverdrup, all of which still manage and run the site. During the time prior to the launch, the staff was busy adding upcoming games for all major platforms. Since then the database has reached thousands of games for PC, consoles and handheld platforms. The site was intended to be a place to visit in order to obtain information on when a specific game is released. The release lists are still the most important part of the website.


Though mainly a release list and game database site, the website also offers reviews, previews, interviews, screenshots and general gaming news, as well as a forum and different list tools for released and upcoming games.

The Database[edit]

As of April 2011, ToTheGame's database covers more than 12,000 games for all major platforms. There are also about 450 publishers in two countries and over 1,500 developers registered in the database. Each game in the database contains (when available) official factsheets, screenshots, boxshots, videos, links and cheats. Each game is categorized by release date, platform, genre, developer and US/UK/Scandinavian publisher.

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