To Catch a Cheater

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To Catch a Cheater
Created by
  • Sameer Bhavnani
  • Luis Mercado
Directed bySameer Bhavnani (2016–present)
Presented byLuis Mercado (2016–present) Sameer Bhavnani (2016–present)
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes99
Original releaseMay 31, 2015
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To Catch a Cheater is an American weekly web-series aired on YouTube.[1][2][3] The web-series follows people suspected of committing adultery, or cheating, on their partners.[4][5][6] The show was featured by Maxim, The Sun, Daily Mail, Elite Daily, and The New Zealand Herald.

Development and production[edit]

To Catch a Cheater aired on May 31, 2015 on YouTube. The show is produced and created by Sameer Bhavnani and the format and execution is custom tailored for the YouTube platform and audiences.[7] Investigations were headed by Sameer Bhavnani and Luis Mercado. The web-series featured complainants married or long-term significant others, and have included both opposite-sex and same-sex couples.[8][9] Each episode begins with Mercado asking his viewers to visit his sponsors, a brief interview of the complainant, detailing how the complainant met their partner and what has led them to believe that the partner is cheating, explaining suspicious activities or behavior.[10][11]

Notable episodes[edit]

  • A guy gets offered oral sex by a stranger as his girlfriend secretly watches the whole thing.[12]
  • Man hires an actor to see if his girlfriend will cheat with her "personal trainer".[13]
  • "Boyfriend Caught Cheating with Big Booty!"[14]
  • A woman hired a porn star to see if her boyfriend would cheat.[15]
  • A girlfriend's man actually had sex with the accomplice (banned episode).[16]

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