To Mistiko Mou Na Vris

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"To Mistiko Mou Na Vreis"
Single by Ivi Adamou
from the album Kalokairi Stin Kardia
Released 6 October 2010 (2010-10-06)
Genre Pop
Length 2:43
Label Sony Music Greece/Day 1
Songwriter(s) Alex Papaconstantinou, Adam Baptiste, Giannis Doxas
Ivi Adamou singles chronology
"San Erthi I Mera"
"To Mistiko Mou Na Vreis"
"Krata Ta Matia Sou Klista"
"San Erthi I Mera"
"To Mistiko Mou Na Vris"
"Krata Ta Matia Sou Klista"
Music video
"To Mistiko Mou Na Vreis" on YouTube

"To Mistiko Mou Na Vreis" (Greek: Το μυστικό μου να βρεις; English: Find my secret) is the third single by the Greek Cypriot singer Ivi Adamou from her first album Kalokairi Stin Kardia, written by Adam Baptiste, Alex Papaconstantinou and Giannis Doxas. It was released on June 10, 2010.

Track listing[edit]

Digital download
  1. "To Mistiko Mou Na Vreis" – 2:43

Credits and personnel[edit]

Music video[edit]

A poll was held to find out which song would be Ivi's next single. The poll was between Gelaei and To Mistiko Mou Na Vreis. The poll was held in August 2010. It was announced on 30 August 2010 that the winner was To Mistiko Mou Na Vreis. The filming started in September 2010. The video was released on 15 November 2010. [1][2][3]

The video was uploaded on 15 November 2010 in IviAdamouTV. The video was blocked by SME worldwide and it was unblocked in 2011. It was announced that it would be uploaded again in VEVO channel but it never did.

Release history[edit]

Country Date Format Label
Greece January 29, 2010[4] Digital download Sony Music Greece


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