To See the Invisible Man

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"To See the Invisible Man"
The Twilight Zone episode
To See the Invisible Man.jpg
Scene from "To See the Invisible Man"
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 16b
Directed by Noel Black
Written by Steven Barnes
Production code 45
Original air date January 31, 1986
Guest appearance(s)

Cotter Smith as Mitchell Chaplin
Whit Hertford as Boy
Peter Hobbs as Bennett Gershe (Blind man)
Jack Gallagher as Comic
Dean Fortunato as Tough guy
Karlene Crockett as Invisible woman
Chris McCarty as Businessman
Bonnie Campbell-Britton as Woman
Steve Peterson as Server
Mary-Robin Redd as Margaret
Richard Jamison as Guard #1
Kenneth Danziger as Maitre d'
Terri Lynn Wood as Crying girl

Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Elevator"
Next →
"Tooth and Consequences"
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"To See the Invisible Man" is the second segment of the sixteenth episode from the first season (1985–86) of the television series The Twilight Zone.

Opening narration[edit]


Mitchell Chaplin lives in a world parallel to our and has been found guilty of "coldness"—of not being friendly or open enough with those around him. According to the State, he is to be rendered "invisible" and a social outcast for one year. An implant placed on his forehead warns others to ignore him or be faced with a similar fate. Chaplin laughs at the verdict and his "punishment".

What seems like a welcome chance to be left alone becomes a lesson in humility, compassion, and empathy as Chaplin begins to feel the consequences of social isolation. Under the omnipresent eye of floating security drones that monitor their society, people shun him. A blind man he meets, unable to see his mark is refreshingly cordial until a passing woman whispers the warning to him. The blind man furiously curses Chaplin and turns away.

Misfortune after misfortune befalls Chaplin and his lowest point is reached when he is denied medical care after being hit by a car. Finally, on the last day of his sentence two guards enter his apartment and remove the implant on his head. They address him by name and accept him back into society.

Four months after completing his sentence, Chaplin is accosted in public by a young woman (whom he encountered during his term of invisibility) who wears the scar of an implant. Knowing the law, he initially ignores her but her cries move him hug her. As they are surrounded by drones, he declares that he can see the woman and that he cares about her suffering.

Closing narration[edit]


This episode is based on the short story by Robert Silverberg first published in Worlds of Tomorrow April 1963.

In the original short story, the criminal is never named, and his one-year sentence was noted to begin on May 11, 2104. In addition, the gender of the criminal's friend was changed from a man in the original story to a woman in the televised version.

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