To Visit the Queen

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To Visit the Queen
To Visit The Queen.jpg
First Printing
Author Diane Duane
Cover artist Bob Goldstrom
Country United States
Language English
Series Wizardry series
Genre Fantasy novel
Published 1998 (Aspect)
Media type Print
Pages 368
ISBN 0-446-67318-8
OCLC 39533851
813/.54 21
LC Class PS3554.U233 T6 1999
Preceded by The Book of Night with Moon

To Visit the Queen (1998) (titled On Her Majesty's Wizardly Service in the UK edition) is a fantasy steampunk novel by Diane Duane.[1] Its plot deals with the invention of nuclear weapons in Victorian Britain, thanks to the evil intervention of 'the lone one' and the efforts of Duane's wizard feline adventurers to save the day.

It was a sequel to The Book of Night with Moon (1997). In their review, Publishers Weekly said that "Duane presents her usual felicitous mix of magical high adventure and humor, avoiding much of the preciousness that can infect anthropomorphic fantasy. Even those who don't fancy felines should enjoy this purr of a tale." while Kirkus Reviews was somewhat less kind, criticising what it termed 'a slow start' and 'mind numbing details' in a book aimed squarely at the young adult market.

Cultural reference[edit]

The title To Visit the Queen is a cultural reference to the English rhyming poem known as "Pussy Cat Pussy Cat" that uses that line in the second line of the poem.[2]

One element of the plot bears a similarity to Project A119.

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