To ostatnia niedziela

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To ostatnia niedziela (Polish: The Last Sunday; 1935) is one of the long-time hits of Jerzy Petersburski. A nostalgic tango with lyrics by Zenon Friedwald describing the final meeting of former lovers just before they break up,[1] it was performed by numerous artists and gained the nickname of Suicide Tango, due to its brooding lyrical content.

In 1937, a Russian version was written by Iosif Alvek [ru] and performed by singer Pavel Mikhailov [ru] backed by the State Radio Committee Jazz Band, led by pianist Aleksandr Tsfasman, under the title of Wearied Sun (Russian: Утомлённое солнце, Utomlyonnoye solntse).[2] After the war the song remained largely successful and was one of the symbols of pre-war music in Polish popular culture. Performed by, among others, Mieczysław Fogg and Piotr Fronczewski, it appeared in a number of films, including:

The Russian title of the song also became the namesake for the latter film. There exist a famous contemporary recording of the violinist Gidon Kremer.
Also the Ukrainian version written by Volodymyr Knyr [uk] exists.

Lyrics (polish)[edit]

Lyrics (russian)[edit]


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