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To the Stars... Academy of Arts & Sciences
IndustryEntertainment, science, aerospace
FoundersTom DeLonge
Harold E. Puthoff
Jim Semivan
Key people
Luis Elizondo
Steve Justice
Chris Mizer
ProductsBooks, TV shows, films, albums, information

To the Stars... Academy of Arts & Sciences (often shorted to just To the Stars) is an entertainment company co-founded by Tom DeLonge, guitarist of Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves; Harold E. Puthoff; and Jim Semivan. The company was originally launched as a record label in 2014, which debuted with Angels & Airwaves' fifth studio album The Dream Walker. The following year, it expanded to publishing books and graphic novels with Poet Anderson: ...Of Nightmares and Strange Times: The Curse of Superstition Mountain. In 2017, To the Stars became a public-benefit corporation and added science and aerospace divisions.[1]


The entertainment leg of To the Stars, often referred to as To the Stars Media, publishes albums, books, TV shows and films. When the company originally launched, it was announced to be a record label and released albums and EPs by Angels & Airwaves and DeLonge's first solo album, To the Stars... Demos, Odds and Ends.

To the Stars began releasing books, graphic novels and children's picture books in 2015, many of which were co-published by Simon & Schuster. A majority of the company's books deal with topics of the supernatural, ufology and science fiction. The publishing division of the company most prominently publishes novels in the Sekret Machines fictional series, co-authored by DeLonge and A. J. Hartley, as well as the Sekret Machines non-fiction companion series Gods, Man & War co-authored by DeLonge and Peter Levenda. To the Stars also publishes the space-based series Cathedrals of Glass by Harley, the young adult series Poet Anderson by DeLonge and Suzanne Young, and the young adult adventure series Strange Times by DeLonge and Geoff Herbach.

The company co-released the short animated film Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker in 2014, but its first major project was the History Channel series Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation in 2019. A feature film based on the Strange Times book series was in production, but the project was repurposed into a television series for Turner Broadcasting System (TBS).[2] To the Stars has also started production on a documentary TV series and a feature film for the Sekret Machines franchise.[3]

List of books and graphic novels[edit]

Sekret Machines

Cathedrals of Glass

  • Cathedrals of Glass: A Planet of Blood and Ice (2017)
  • Cathedrals of Glass: Valkrys Wakes (2020)

Poet Anderson

Strange Times


List of TV shows and films[edit]

List of albums[edit]

Science and aerospace[edit]

The science and aerospace divisions of To the Stars works on advanced science theories, which co-founder Harold E. Puthoff described as "imagine having 25th-century science this century."[1] One of the potential projects the company is working on is an electromagnetic vehicle.[4] The company's ADAM Research Project is researching a possibly extraterrestrial metal for commercial and military applications.[5][6]

Tom DeLonge was named UFO Researcher of the Year in 2017 by the UFO hunting organization Open Minds for his work at To the Stars.[7][8]

The VAULT[edit]

The virtual analytics UAP learning tool (VAULT) is a public-facing database of confirmed unidentified aerial phenomenon. The VAULT team collects, analyses and authenticates evidence of UAP, often obtained through declassified government materials.

One video from the VAULT dubbed the "Gimbal" 2015 video was publicly confirmed by the US Navy in September 2019 to be authentic footage of a UFO, which became the first time in history the US government has ever publicly acknowledged the existence a flying object they could not identify.[9][10] Some sources believe To the Stars is responsible for bringing the topic of UFOs into mainstream public discourse, including Jan Harzan of Mutual UFO Network[11] and Dan Zak of The Washington Post.[12]


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