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Toaplan Co., Ltd.
Video game industry
Fate Vanished after bankruptcy
Founded 1984
Defunct 1994
Products Video game consoles
Arcade games

Toaplan Co., Ltd. (東亜プラン株式会社 Tōapuran kabushikigaisha?)[1] was a video game developer from Japan. They were responsible for the creation of a wide array of relatively famous scrolling shooters and other arcade games. The company declared bankruptcy in 1994.

Games developed[edit]

Arcade games[edit]

Year Game Publisher
1984 Jongou SNK
1985 Performan Data East
1985 Tiger Heli Taito Corporation
1985 Jongkyou Data East
1986 Get Star / Guardian Taito Corporation
1986 Slap Fight / Alcon Taito Corporation
1986 Mahjong Sisters Toaplan
1987 Hishouzame / Sky Shark / Flying Shark Taito Corporation
1987 Wardner (no Mori) / Pyros Taito Corporation
1987 Kyuukyoku Tiger / Twin Cobra Taito Corporation
1988 Dash Yarou / Rally Bike Taito Corporation
1988 Tatsujin / Truxton Taito Corporation
1989 Hellfire Taito Corporation
1989 Daisenpuu / Twin Hawk Taito Corporation
1989 Zero Wing Toaplan
1989 Horror Story / Demon's World Taito Corporation
1989 Same! Same! Same! / Fire Shark Toaplan
1990 Out Zone Romstar
1990 Snow Bros.: Nick & Tom Romstar
1991 Vimana Romstar
1991 Teki Paki Toaplan
1991 Ghox Romstar
1992 Pipi & Bibi's / Whoopee!! Romstar
1992 Dogyuun(!!) Toaplan
1992 Tatsujinou / Truxton II Toaplan
1992 Fixeight Toaplan
1993 Grind Stormer / V・V Toaplan
1993 Enma Daiou Toaplan
1993 Knuckle Bash Toaplan / Atari Games
1993 Batsugun Toaplan
1994 Otenki Paradise / Snow Bros. 2: With New Elves Hanafram

Unreleased games[edit]

Year Game Publisher
1993 Dynamic Trial 7 Toaplan
1994 Genkai Chousen Distopia Toaplan

Companies spun off from Toaplan[edit]

After Toaplan closed its doors in 1994, several former employees formed or were involved with the following companies, many of which were dedicated to arcade shooters:


  1. ^ Same! Same! Same! uses what looks like "ToaPlan" on an in-game graphic. This is the only sight of the name that is not in all capital letters.

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