Toast Hawaii (record label)

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Toast Hawaii
Parent companyMute/EMI
FounderAndy Fletcher
Distributor(s)Mute (in the U.S.)
GenreElectronic music
Country of originGreat Britain
LocationNottingham, England

Toast Hawaii is an English record label founded by Depeche Mode's Andy Fletcher and named after his reported fondness for the sandwich. The label is independent, but its North American releases are distributed by Mute Records.


The first signed artist on this label was Client. Client however left the label in October 2006. Although there were many factors, the most accepted one was that Andy Fletcher was touring for the better part of 2005 and 2006, thus making it impossible to manage the band. According to Side-Line Magazine, Toast Hawaii has another band on its roster, but since there has been no news about the status of this band, the label is now close to ceasing activities.


  • Client 2003-2006
  • Legate X 2004-

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