Toba Aquarium

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Toba Aquarium
Toba Aquarium front view 2010.jpg
Toba Aquarium Front Entrance
Date opened May 1955
Location Toba, Mie, Japan
Coordinates 34°28′54″N 136°50′45″E / 34.48167°N 136.84583°E / 34.48167; 136.84583Coordinates: 34°28′54″N 136°50′45″E / 34.48167°N 136.84583°E / 34.48167; 136.84583
Floor space 24,981 m2 (268,890 sq ft)[1]
No. of animals 25,000[1]
No. of species 1000[1]
Total volume of tanks 6,000 m3 (1,600,000 US gal)[1]
Annual visitors 940,000 (2009)
Memberships JAZA[2]

Toba Aquarium (鳥羽水族館 Toba-suizokukan?) is a public aquarium, which is located in Toba, Mie, Japan. The aquarium houses 12 zones which reproduce natural environments, housing some 25,000 individuals representing 1,000 species.

The guests are free to tour the aquarium's grounds in any manner they please, as there is no fixed route. The total length of the aisle is about 1.5 kilometers.


Toba Aquarium opened May 1955. It was founded by Haruaki Nakamura(中村幸昭), now the honorary president. It has received more than 50 million visitors, making it one of the most visited locations in Japan.

The aquarium hosts scholarly investigations as an adult education institution in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology officially specifying the Toba Aquarium as a museum. Toba Aquarium also emphasizes protection and breeding of rare marine creatures which are in danger of extinction. Notable breeding events include the birth of a finless porpoise, a birth of the second generation sea otter for the first time in Japan, and dugongs breeding.



The aquarium is divided into 12 main zones.[3]


  • In NHK's music program "Minna no Uta," Toba Aquarium's sea otters make an appearance.


Near by Kintetsu Shima Line Nakanogo Station
  • In advertisements, the nearest station is announced as Toba Station, because Nakanogo Station does not stop Limited Express.
Near by Ise-wan Ferry Toba Port.
Pay-as-you-stay type parking "Aqua parking" is next to Toba Aquarium for 400 cars.


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