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Native toPalau
RegionHatohobei, Koror, Sonsorol
Native speakers
150 (2017)[1]
Latin script [1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3tox

Tobian (Tobian: ramarih Hatohobei, literally "the language of Tobi") is the language of Tobi, one of the Southwest Islands of Palau, and the main island of Hatohobei state. Tobian is a Micronesian language spoken by approximately 150 people.

Tobian and the dialects of Sonsorol, Merir, and Pulo Anna, the other inhabited Southwest Islands, are closely related to the languages spoken in the Federated States of Micronesia outer islands of Yap and Truk Lagoon.

These days most Tobian speakers live in Echang, a hamlet of Koror, the former capital of Palau. Tobian and Sonsorolese are very close, and appear to be gradually merging towards a new dialect called "Echangese"[citation needed].


  • animal = mar
  • coconut palm = ruh
  • goodbye = sabuho
  • language = ramarih
  • soldierfish = red


  • one = sewo
  • two = huwou
  • three = soruo
  • four = fauwo

This is only base counting. There are different numerals for a lot of different objects. [3]


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