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Tobias Pock (or Poch, Bock or Pockh) (1609 - 12 June 1683) was an Austrian Baroque painter from Swabian descent, a pioneer of sacral art.

Coronation of Virgin Mary, surrounded by the Patron saints of the Teutonic Order Saint Elisabeth of Thüringen and Saint George
Chapel of St. Catherine of Alexandria, Dominican church, Vienna

Pock was born in Konstanz, where his father worked as a master at the Cathedral. Tobias Pock probably was an apprentice painter in Southern Germany. He worked mainly at first in Konstanz. But, after his trip to Italy, he settled around 1640 in Vienna, where he became a leading painter. He painted portraits, history canvases and still lifes, but he is mostly recognized for his many paintings of saints in churches in Vienna, Lower Austria and Steiermark. His style is similar to the contemporary style of Southern Germany (München, Augsburg), but also contains influences from Flanders and Northern Italy. He died in Vienna.

He left a considerable body of work :