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Tobin Titus in his office at Microsoft in 2009.

Tobin Titus is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, where he works on performance and architecture for the Edge Web Platform team. Titus is an author of several books about development with Microsoft's .NET Framework, namely those about multi-threaded application development.[1][2]

Tobin is regarded as a web performance expert, as a member and editor on the W3C Web Performance Working Group[3] and having spoken at performance conferences such as Microsoft BUILD[4] and O’Reilly Velocity Conference.[5]


According to Titus' biography, he grew up in East Liverpool, Ohio. While attended public school in his younger years, he was introduced to programming in the 5th grade and started programming at home with Atari Microsoft BASIC on an Atari 800XL computer.

In high school, Titus moved to a private school in Pennsylvania, where he graduated with honors. Titus then attended Bob Jones University, where he majored in Graphic Design.


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