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The Tobique River (pro. Toe-Bick) is a river in northwestern New Brunswick, Canada. The river rises from Nictau Lake in Mount Carleton Provincial Park and flows for 148 kilometres to its confluence with the Saint John River near Perth-Andover.[1]

The river flows in a general southwesterly direction. At Nictau, it is joined by the river's Right Hand Branch, which drains Square Lake and Trousers Lake through the River Don and River Dee respectively. Past Nictau, the river flows past Blue Mountain, Oxbow to the village of Plaster Rock, where it is joined by the Wapskeheagan River. The Tobique flows west from there, past the Tobique First Nation, to the Saint John River. Just before the Tobique Dam, facing the dam, there is a beach to the left side and a heavy rock cut to the right. This makes for very beautiful pictures during the fall foliage.

The Tobique Narrows Dam was built between 1951-1953 by NB Power approximately one kilometre from the river's mouth.[2]

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Coordinates: 46°46′N 67°42′W / 46.767°N 67.700°W / 46.767; -67.700