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A wet market in Toboali
A wet market in Toboali
Toboali is located in Bangka Belitung
Location of Toboali in Bangka Belitung
Coordinates: 2°59′59″S 106°27′56″E / 2.99972°S 106.46556°E / -2.99972; 106.46556Coordinates: 2°59′59″S 106°27′56″E / 2.99972°S 106.46556°E / -2.99972; 106.46556
Country  Indonesia
Province Bangka Belitung
Regency Lambang Kabupaten Bangka Selatan.png South Bangka Regency
 • Total 1,460.34 km2 (563.84 sq mi)
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 65,138
 • Estimate (2017)[2] 78,780
 • Density 54/km2 (140/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+7 (Indonesia Western Time)
The fort of Toboali was built in 1825 to defend Bangka's tin mines

Toboali (Chinese: 都保里) is a town in the Indonesian province of Bangka-Belitung, Indonesia. Toboali is the capital of the South Bangka Regency.


Significant numbers of the townspeople are employed in pepper cultivation. In the New Order era, tin mining was extensive across the province and a large number of the locals were employed either by the large tin mining corporations or by unconventional mines.

The tourism sector have been growing in the recent years. Tourist destinations include a Dutch-era fortress and the city's natural beaches. In 2016, the local government for the first time held a cultural carnival[3], aimed to increase the number of tourists coming to the town.


The majority of the people in Toboali are Hakka Chinese and Malay. Majority of Chinese are Buddhist, Catholic or Protestant.


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