Toboggan (Lakemont Park)

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Lakemont Park
Coordinates40°28′16″N 78°23′46″W / 40.47118°N 78.39606°W / 40.47118; -78.39606Coordinates: 40°28′16″N 78°23′46″W / 40.47118°N 78.39606°W / 40.47118; -78.39606
Opening date1971
Closing date2016
General statistics
ManufacturerChance Rides
Height45 ft (14 m)
Length450 ft (140 m)
Toboggan at RCDB
Pictures of Toboggan at RCDB

Toboggan was a steel roller coaster located at Lakemont Park in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It is a portable steel coaster built by Chance Rides. The coaster had previously traveled in Florida with Deggeller Shows.[1][2]


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