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Tobu Museum
1720 series "DRC" car outside the museum
Tobu Museum is located in Japan
Tobu Museum
Location within Japan
Established May 1989
Location Sumida, Tokyo Japan
Coordinates 35°43′24″N 139°49′09″E / 35.723456°N 139.819037°E / 35.723456; 139.819037
Type Railway museum
Public transit access Higashi-Mukōjima Station

The Tobu Museum (東武博物館 Tōbu Hakubutsukan?) is a railway museum in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. It opened in May 1989, and is operated by Tobu Railway.[1]

The museum was closed from January 2009 until June 2009 for refurbishment.[2] It reopened on 22 July 2009.


The following full-size vehicles are on display.

  • B1 class steam locomotive – No. 5 (built 1898 by Beyer, Peacock and Company)[3]
  • B1 class steam locomotive – No. 6 (built 1898 by Beyer, Peacock and Company)[3]
  • ED101 class electric locomotive – No. 101 (later ED4000 class No. ED4001, built 1930, moved to museum from Ohmi Railway in January 2009)[1]
  • ED5010 class electric locomotive - No. ED5015 (built 1959)[3]
  • Class DeHa1 electric railcar – No. DeHa5 (built 1924)[3]
  • 1720 series "DRC" electric multiple unit car – cab section only (built 1960)[3]
  • 5700 series electric multiple unit car – No. MoHa5701 (built 1951, moved to museum in January 2009)[1]
  • Nikkō Tramway 200 series tramcar - No. 203 (built 1954)[3]

The collection includes a reproduction of a station office Including automatic ticket gates outside with see-through covering, ticket vending machines, interlocking board, telephone and railroad exhibits. A season ticket issuing machine and "celebrate admission pass" is issued free of charge.

The museum also owns the 6-car Tobu 8000 series EMU set 8111, which was repainted into its original "royal beige" and "international orange" livery for a series of special event runs on Tobu Lines.[4]


The museum is located underneath Higashi-Mukōjima Station on the Tobu Skytree Line. Visitors can view trains passing at close range from windows underneath the platform.


4-28-16 Higashi-mukōjima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo


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