Toda-ha Bukō-ryū

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Toda-ha Bukō-ryū
Founder Toda Seigen (戸田 清眼)
Date founded c. 1560
Period founded Late Muromachi period (1337-1573)
Current information
Current headmaster Nakamura Yoichi (20th generation)
Arts taught
Art Description
naginatajutsu Glaive art
sōjutsu Spear art
bōjutsu Staff art
kenjutsu Sword art
kusarigamajutsu Chain-and-sickle art

Toda-ha Bukō-ryū (戸田派武甲流?) is a Japanese koryū martial art founded in the late Muromachi period c. 1560 by Toda Seigen (戸田 清眼).[1]:64–66

The ryū contains an extensive curriculum of weapon-arts centering on naginatajutsu (naginata, kagitsuki naginata (a naginata with a small cross-bar beneath the blade, used for deflecting, trapping and breaking enemy's weaponry), nagamaki), but also sōjutsu, bōjutsu kenjutsu and kusarigamajutsu.[1]:64

After the untimely death of 20th generation sōke, Nakamura Yoichi, Toda-ha Bukō-ryū is currently under the direction of sokedairi, Kent Sorensen, in Tokyo, Japan with the assistance of a number of shihan in the United States, Europe and Australia.[citation needed] The 19th generation sōke was Nitta Suzuyo.[1]:64


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