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Today Just Got Better is Bell Canada's current advertising campaign, launched to coincide with the 2008 Summer Olympics. The campaign and its time period is also associated with the many changes made by the company, including multiple major acquisitions. Bell also launched and discontinued several new products and services during this campaign. Some of the practices introduced or continued by the company during this transitional period, such as Usage-Based Billing (UBB) for its wholesale Internet customers or its multiple fees buried in fine print, also sparked significant controversy from Canadians.


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While Bell's previous logo and advertising made partial use of the yellow colour, this is no longer the case. Only the blue and white colours officially represent the company. In Bell's various advertisements, white usually consisting of the background colour, while black is used for non-logo-related text including the slogan, and blue is used for the logo. Stores, on the other hand, have blue walls instead of the yellow colour previously used. Text on these walls, such as the lighted Bell logo, is in white.


The Bell logo simply consists of the company's name written in blue. The only exception is in store entrances, where the Bell logo is written in white on top of a blue background.

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